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Water colour practice by IMAFTF
Water colour practice
Got some new water colours and just wanted to try them out by...
You know, randomly splashing the colours everywhere.water 22 
We are metal bolts; rusted or flawless
Gasping tightly onto our small fortress
That grants both delight and despair.

We are window shutters; opening and closing
Our covers to the dignified or opposing
Who bother to cross our lair.

We are unfound gems waiting in time
For someone to discover that they aren't grime,
But a valuable and captivating beauty inside.

We are planted seeds that are watered
And cared for so we grew onward
Towards the sun where dreams abide.

We are the stars in a glorious milky way
Shining brightly, sometimes dimming astray,
But always gleaming rays for those to find their way.
Entwining in invisible strings,
The wind’s fingers play an enchanting tune
Bringing a bewitching security as if on cue.

Lullabies, a pleasant sound full of yearning,
Gently rouse the spirits that course through
A forgotten motherland that breathes life and virtue.

A crystal voice of clarity
Awaken the guardians and phantoms
Who guard with vigil their ancestor’s mantle.

Dancing with glee
Into a nearby forest where mystical creatures are merry,
Its enticing murmur spreads to every goblin, elf, dwarf and fairy.

But when the wind dies
The wind chime dwindles and echoes painfully on
Longing for the wind to come again whether dusk or dawn.
I open my eyes to an unreal world
Full of fake smiles and love,
With lies and untold truths that I’m sick of.

This never ending game, I unfurled,
A web that traps people in a deceiving fairy tale
For broken promises that were always frail.

This world that encircles me
Is a nightmare that all want to end,
But those who try always descend.

I always dream of standing in the sea breeze
And it would wish me away
To a new day and age.

So I’ll take a stand for who I am,
And those who rest in peace in a better place,
To gain the freedom I want to embrace.

With this I’ll start to be who I truly am.


Artist | Hobbyist
Hi! I'm Lillian. For some reason I'm called Lily, but that's alright. Call me Lin if too bothered to go for the other names.

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